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Hi, Welcome to Sly Cooper World, THE place where all Sly Fans get together to chat! The forum was started on 2nd August 2006, and yesterday (2nd March 2007) we were SEVEN MONTHS OLD! So I though I'd make this site. Enjoy! And if you have any art, stories, etc. leave them in the Forums!

Art Contest Winner Announced (20th May 2007)

Last week we ran an Art Contest. Well now, the winner has been announced! Drum roll please...


Here is the winning piece, by metsha the wolf! Well done to you! You get a +50 Post Count and very soon the picture will be framed! You also earned yourself a position as an art moderator!



The runner-up prize goes to MorganCooper!You get a +25 post count, and here is the runner up piece!

Sly 4: Part 3 (9th May 2007)

Part 3 of Sly 4 is up now for viewing on our Downloads Page, and it's said to be the funniest one yet! Bentley, Murray, Panda King and Dimitri make further plans for the time machine, and we finally hear Sly's part of the story!

Sly 4: Part 2 (28th March 07)

Part 2 of our Sly 4 Videos is up now. You can download it now on our Downloads Page. Tonight, we see a return of Rajan and the Sly 3 Dingoes, and we even find ou what Penelope ds in her spare time!!!

PlayStation 3 Now Available In UK (23rd March 2007)

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